Catalyzing new economics for ecosystem regeneration

We unite philanthropy, private investment, and corporate procurement to catalyze new economics for ecosystem regeneration and ensure that conservation benefits both people and nature.

Our Goals

• Increase and improve philanthropic and for-profit investments in forest-friendly economies and the rule of law.

• Support systems of conservation finance that sustain communities and forests.

Our Strategy

We facilitate a virtuous cycle of innovation and investment to scale solutions, and reduce deforestation, through the following five strategic initiatives:
1. Activate Entrepreneurship and an Impact innovation Ecosystem 

by nurturing Amazon startups and fortifying regional organizations that provide technical assistance, ecosystem cross-learning, and access to capital providers.

2. Build Evidence, Increase Awareness and Integrate Capital 

by conducting research, expanding market data about the bioeconomy and integrating capital through industry analysis and investor networking events, including weekly community meetings, impact network roundtables, and an annual Summit on Investing in the Amazon.

3. Mobilize Catalytic Philanthropy 

toward a shared Amazon bioeconomy strategies that provide patient, risk-tolerant capital and blended finance to unlock markets that enrich soils, improve livelihoods, sustain biodiversity, protect forests and deliver on climate action

4.  Facilitate Deal Flow 

through a deal flow system that improves resources efficiencies, increases transparency, and  matches investor appetites in fit-for-purpose portfolios.

5. Scale Corporate Demand 

for regeneratively sourced Amazon products by forging connections, developing long-term purchase contracts and promoting public commitments between buyers, sellers, and aggregators in forest friendly value chains.

Photo credit: Sebastião Salgado