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Stimulate an entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem with positive impact for the forest.

In partnership with CERTI, we seek to develop the world’s largest regenerative bioeconomy by strengthening Amazonian entrepreneurship and helping forests to become more economically competitive. Founded in 1984, CERTI is a Brazilian nonprofit with experience nurturing and developing entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems.

Our programs include:

• Technical, technological and management support for startups to improve business performance and accelerate market competitiveness.
• Support local incubators to make the entrepreneurship ecosystem more dynamic and build a robust bioeconomy.

The partnership between the Amazon Investor Coalition (AIC) and the CERTI Foundation is supported by the Partnerships for Forests program.


We are delighted to showcase 14 of Latam’s most promising nature-positive businesses, ready for their next stage of growth. Our impact thesis as an organization is to promote businesses that can outcompete the deforestation economy by creating economic competitiveness for standing forests and biodiversity, and innovations for the bioeconomy. Together with CERTI, we issued an open call across Latin America for companies with solutions for protecting and restoring Amazon ecosystems, while placing community wellbeing at the center. 

We received a total of 161 applications through our International Hub for Amazon Startups, and are excited to present 14 of the most promising investable businesses to our network of investors, donors, and corporations. These 14 represent a diverse range of Amazonian solutions, from land restoration and food security, to supernutrients and nano-cosmetics, to web3 and supply chain transparency, to remote sensing for rapid fire response. And more.