Amazon Bioeconomy Resources

The following sites are helpful to investors, sellers, buyers and others who are working to improve the business viability of Amazonian bioeconomy businesses.

Amazon Rainforest Inventory Network – A directory of scientists and a framework for monitoring forest dynamics.

Amazonia Vox – A platform to find consultants and professionals who are located in the Amazon.

AngelList Rollup Vehicle – A system for founders to facilitate investing by creating a single legal vehicle for multiple investors.

Equitable Earth – An indigenous led carbon credit standard.

HowGood – A service providing sustainability data on products for food companies.

Latitud – A system to expedite legal incorporation of companies to access foreign investor capital.

Open Food Chain – A public blockchain for agricultural supply chains to report and manage ESG claims.

Pretaterra Academy – A platform of agroforestry courses and other knowledge resources.

Producers Market – A platform and storytelling technology that connects consumers, producers and buyers with supply chain traceability.

Redario – A network of seed collecting net works

Regenerative Food Businesses HUB – A directory of regenerative businesses from the Amazon and neighbor regions.

Respecting Indigenous Rights – An actionable due diligence toolkit for institutional investors.

RHISA – The Human Resources and Intelligence Network for Sustainability in the Amazon

Suzy – A service for consumer demand research on food products.