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The Amazon Investor Coalition is a global learning-and-collaboration platform that unites philanthropists, investors and corporate buyers with local Amazonian producers, nonprofits, governments, and allies.

The Coalition’s goals are to:

  • Increase and improve philanthropic and for-profit investments in forest-friendly economies and the rule of law.
  • Support systems of conservation finance that sustain people and forests across Amazon region.


Launched on September 16, 2020, at the United Nations 75 Global Governance Forum, we are a joint program of the Earth Innovation Institute and the Giving Back Fund, in collaboration with NEXUS, and with support from the United Kingdom’s Partnerships for Forests, and other partners.

The Amazon rainforest is essential to life on Earth

The Amazon  is 5% of the Earth’s land surface yet it accounts for:

30% of all species
13% of trees
20% of fresh water
10% of biomass
2.2 million indigenous people
250 languages

It is home to thousands of biological assets and organisms offering  ecosystem-based innovation opportunities that span industries.

Amazon Collapse puts global assets at existential risk

Economic demand and illegal deforestation has pushed the Amazon to an ecological tipping point.

A 20-25% loss of forest cover disrupts water cycles and dries out the ecosystem causing diebacks, CO2 emissions, wildlife migrations, extinctions and potential pandemics. As the heart of the global water cycle, Amazon forest collapse would trigger global economic fallout.

Without the Amazon, it will be impossible to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement.

We mobilize patient, risk-tolerant capital and blended finance to strengthen the bioeconomy.

We facilitate deal flow by matching investors with tailored sustainable impact investment opportunities.

We connect buyers with sustainable producers, and facilitate long-term purchase agreements.

 The Amazon Investor Coalition

The most viable path to outcompete the deforestation economy is to increase the economic competitiveness of forests with community wellbeing at the center. The Amazon Investor Coalition unites philanthropy, investment, and corporate procurement to catalyze new economics for ecosystem regeneration, decarbonization, and conservation.

Investing in Amazon Rainforest Conservation: A Foreigner’s Perspective

The foundation, hope and a vision for the Amazon Investor Coalition and how the international community can help develop a sustainable Amazon rainforest.

Amazon Reforestation with a Profitable Twist

The Amazon Investor Coalition is founded on the assumption that “The smart money is on the Amazon forest.”


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