Amazonia Rising
A Global Summit on Investing in the Amazon

May 24-28, 2021

The Amazon rainforest is critical for global climate stability and its ecological integrity is at risk.

Investors, philanthropists, governments, celebrities, companies, NGOs, indigenous groups and allies will convene online to advance forest-friendly economic development and the rule-of-law across the Amazon region of South America.

We will work in partnership with local communities and design systems of conservation finance that sustain people and forests.

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Participation will be by application and invitation only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Draft Agenda

Partial List of Sessions

  • Developing Investment Ready Projects for the Amazon
  • Sourcing Sustainable Produce from the Region
  • Building and Selling an Agroforestry Startup
  • Sustainable Agriculture Risks and Opportunities
  • Biomimetic and Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship
  • The Emergence of Socially Responsible Mining in the Amazon
  • Replacing Cattle with Agroforestry: Building New Wealth and Ecosystem Integrity
  •    Governance and
       the Rule of Law
  • Building an Amazon Legal Defense and Planning Network for the Forest
  • Improving the Rule of Law through Land Rights and Law Enforcement
  • Making it Easier to Do Business in the Amazon
  • Defending Indigenous Communities in the Time of COVID19
  • Rights of Nature and New Legal Strategies for Conservation
  • Intergovernmental Leadership and Collaboration
  • Designing an Alternative Governance and Economic Model for the Amazon Region
  •    Carbon
  • The Science and Industry of Amazon Forest Carbon Mapping and Tracking
  • Forest Credits with Real Time Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Sustainability Certifications & Carbon: Marketing and Integrity
  • Carbon Markets and Ecosystem Service Payments for the Amazon
  • Blockchain and the New Carbon Market Wealth Creation Opportunity
  •    Finance
  • Building an Amazon Entrepreneurship Fund and Accelerator
  • Brazil’s First Sustainable Beef Bond
  • The Role of Public Financing in Derisking Private Enterprise
  • Designing and Scaling Agroforestry Bonds
  •    The Big Picture
  • Broadcast Media and Amazon Sustainability
  • The South America-China Industrial Partnership
  • Supply Chains and Sustainable Commodities
  • Partial List of Speakers

    Adalberto Val (Brazilian Institute for Research of the Amazon)
    Alessandra Simiema (Brasil Mata Viva)
    Alexandre Alves (USAID)
    Amalia Souza (CASA Fund)
    Amy Coughenour (Cadasta Foundation)
    Ana Carolina Szklo (Humanize Institute)
    Andre Guimaraes (IPAM)
    Art Krebs (Krebs Ventures)
    Astrid Puentes (AIDA – Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense)
    Atossa Soltani (Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative)
    Bill Pazos (AirCarbon Exchange)
    Brenda Brito (Imazon)
    Brian Rohan (Client Earth)
    Carla James (Guayana Tourism Authority)
    Carlos Nobre (Amazon Third Way Initiative)
    Cassia Moraes (Youth Climate Leaders)
    Celine Cousteau (Tribes on the Edge)
    Cesar De Mendes (De Mendes Chocolates)
    Charles Eisenstein (Author)
    Chet Tchozewski (Global Greengrants Fund)
    Chris Lindstron (CYCLEffect Regenerative Ventures)
    Daniel Contrucci (Climate Ventures)
    Daniel Nepstad (Earth Innovation Institute)
    David Cleary (The Nature Conservancy)
    Denis Minev (BEMOL)
    Diego Saez-Gil (Pachama)
    Eric Farnsworth (Council of the Americas)
    Estela Renner (Maria Farinha Filmes)
    Ethan Steinberg (Propagate Ventures)
    Fabio Deboni (CIAT)
    Felipe Villela (ReNature)
    Fernanda Stefani (100% Amazonia)
    Fernando Russo (Meraki Impact)
    Fiona Banister (Decarboized)
    Gustavo Pinheiro (Climate and Society Institute)
    Ilona Szabo (Igarape Institute)
    Jascivan Carvalho (Ecuador Sustainable Travel)
    Joan Larrea (Convergence)
    Joao Campos Silva (Jurua Institute)
    Jon Bruno (International Ecotourism Society)
    Juliana Strobel (Avina Foundation)
    Keith Agoada (Producers Market)
    Lars Lovold (Rainforest Foundation Norway)
    Leisa Souza (Climate Bonds Initiative)
    Leonardo Letelier (SITAWI)
    Luis Fernando Laranja (Kaete Investimentos)
    Lynne Twist (Pachamama Alliance)
    Marcelo Cwerner (NEsST)
    Marcelo Salazar (Instituto Socioambiental / Health in Harmony)
    Marcelo Stabile (CONSERV)
    Margaret Myers (Inter-American Dialog)
    Margarita Mora (Nia Tero)
    Mariano Cenamo (Idesam)
    Marina Campos (Conexsus)
    Maritta Koch-Weser (Rainforest Business School)
    Mark Plotkin (Amazon Conservation Team)
    Meg Symington (WWF)
    Megan MacDowell (Andes Amazon Fund)
    Nicole Schwab (World Economic Forum /
    Nidia Bustillos (Pawanka Fund)
    Nigel Purvis (Climate Advisers)
    Nonette Royo (The Tenure Facility)
    Paula Costa (PRETATERRA)
    Richard Lackey (World Food Bank)
    Renata Piazzon (Arapyau Foundation)
    Ruben Lubowski (EMERGENT)
    Ryan Black (Sambazon)
    Salo Coslovsky (New York University)
    Sarah Dupont (Amazon Aid Foundation)
    Tammy Newmark (EcoEnterprise Fund)
    Tatiana Botelho (Climate and Land Use Alliance)
    Thiago Beraldo (BIOTUR)
    Tom Duncan (Earthbanc)
    Tony Lent (Capital for Climate)
    Topher White (Rainforest Connection)
    Vasco van Roosmalen (Utu Fund)
    Vedis Vik (Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative)
    Walter Link (NOW Partners)
    Walter Vergara (Initiative 20×20)
    Yves Lesenfents (IDB Lab)