Ambassador Program

The Amazon Investor Coalition (AIC) serves as a bridge between international circles of capital (investors, donors, and corporate buyers) and Amazonian entrepreneurs/NGOs etc.

We operate three transaction enablers that help to facilitate investment, philanthropy and procurement. Our investment program sources top investment opportunities and shares them with investors. Our Grant Facility matches philanthropists with highly vetted donation requests. And, our Partnership Development Program matches sellers with buyers, while mobilizing investment, philanthropy and supply chain partners to achieve scale.

To facilitate these processes we need to cultivate access to capital, gather data about opportunities, educate key people about the region, and host processes for donors, investors, and buyers to meet startups, cooperatives, NGOs and other Amazonian allies. Toward this end, we seek AIC Ambassadors in key financial centers around the world, as well as in select South American countries and Amazonian cities.

AIC ambassadors have a broad set of responsibilities including:

• Hosting events in cities around the world to help investors/donors/buyers meet Amazonians and engage in programs and startups that promote forest protection and restoration.
• Recruiting commercial stakeholders to submit their profiles to the AIC Partnership Development Plan, including producers, investors, donors, corporate buyers and other allies.
• Conducting site visits for donors/investors/buyers to get to know projects/startups on the ground in the Amazon.
• Meeting with officials who may want to finance activities in the Amazon.
• Interviewing select startup entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, and entrepreneurship support organizations that are new to the AIC network and want to learn about opportunities.
• Representing the AIC at select conferences around the world, ranging from regional events in the Amazon to global events like the UN Biodiversity Conference.

In addition to these responsibilities, AIC volunteers can help in the following ways:

• Helping to edit and produce new Amazonian Species Wikis
• Working with sustainable business models in the region to feature their work on our page “Sustainable Business in the Amazon
• Recruiting new members to sign up for our newsletter
• Cultivating high net worth individuals and institutions to become donors through our Leadership Council

If you are interested in serving as an AIC ambassador, write to