December 8th, 2022 at 11:00 AM ET

A session featuring 7 of the most promising and pioneering Amazon-focused companies developing new and innovative business models that help protect and restore ecosystems. A selection of investable companies from the Amazon Startup Hub, orchestrated in partnership with CERTI.

Cristiano Camargo

Agrosmart is the largest network of agdata across Latin America. To solve the data shortage problem, Agrosmart’s field notebook tool aggregates information about crop production, climate, inputs, soil, and irrigation, and transforms this data into insights about yields, carbon and resilience through its ESG platform. This provides companies with assurances on whether their suppliers are in compliance with environmental requirements of certifications and protocols, allowing them to reduce their environmental footprint in the region and implement positive impact.

Alexandre Bezerra

Amachains is a traceability platform that collects, synthesizes, analyses, and visualizes agri-impact data along each link of the production supply chain. By tracking impact indicators, SDGs, ESG metrics, and carbon emissions, the Amachains blockchain technology brings reliability and transparency to agribusiness information. Amachains can also be integrated via API, and contains the protocols developed through the design of sustainable business networks, another Amachains technology service

Francisco D’Elia

Bioverse is a remote sensing and artificial intelligence impact solution for forest inventory that uses robust technologies for surveying, processing and applying NTFP harvest data to increase the productivity of NTFP supply chains. The Bioverse solution enables businesses and community cooperatives in the Amazon to increase their collection efficiencies, expand areas of operation, streamline logistics, and enlist off-takers in forest-positive production chains. Powered by drones, satellites, and machine learning, Bioverse’s geospatial analysis services provide estimates of annual yields, biodiversity, and forest integrity, and estimates of future uplift from forest restoration. The global demand for natural products, such as NTFPs, is increasing and Bioverse’s technology helps the Amazonian people take advantage of this opportunity to safeguard the local communities that protect the forest from the increasing threat of logging, mining, and ranching.

Rosinei Oliveira

Directto is a digital platform that empowers sellers and buyers of the bioeconomy. It provides local Amazon producers with the tools and services needed to access international markets based on the “onestop-shop” concept, whereby producers exhibit their products and access services that tailor their export journeys to their local realities. Directto enables producers to concentrate their efforts on optimizing their business operations, and not on the complex day-to-day bureaucracy of an export process, to guarantee transactional risk reduction, eliminate intermediaries, and increase the efficiency of import-export operations.

Juliana Mattana
Maneje Bem

Maneje Bem is a digital application that provides land-based production monitoring and optimization services for agribusinesses and family farmers. It uses a mobile application to deliver daily technical assistance to family farmers, and collects socioeconomic, agronomic, and environmental data from family farmers. This enables local producers to increase their operating efficiencies and companies from land-based sectors to meet their ESG goals. By collecting field data and synthesizing socio-agri-environmental reports, Maneje Bem helps agribusinesses structure strategies, standardize indicators, and track progress towards forest-friendly development. Furthermore, Maneje Bem helps rural communities improve their agricultural productivity, environmental practices, and management through ManejeChat, a mobile application that provides family farmers with agronomic on-call services and remote technical assistance, already reaching more than 900,000 farmers, technicians and agronomists throughout Brazil. Providing agricultural content, agronomic on-call and remote technical assistance.

Renata Gomes
Pix Force

Ranked as Brazil’s #1 Computer Vision Startup in 2018-2019, and Brazil’s #1 Artificial Intelligence Startup in 2020-2021, Pix Force harnesses spaceborne imagery from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Artificial Intelligence to estimate forest biomass. Pix Force delivers biomass information to monitor the amount of carbon sequestered by conservation and restoration efforts, and the resources available for sustainable pulp and paper production. Pix Force draws from its expertise with SAR to detect deforestation in rainforests and oil spills on the high seas to provide biomass inventories that are cheaper, faster, and more accurate than what is currently available on the market.

Osmar Bambini

umgrauemeio has developed an integrated technology and rapid response system to monitor and defend Brazilian forests against fires. By employing Artificial Intelligence and multi-sensor resources (satellite imagery and high-resolution cameras), umgrauemeio stops forest fires in their early stages by instantaneously identifying ignition sources and sending alerts to on-the-ground system operators and fire brigades. umgrauemeios software, the Integrated Platform for Forest Fire Management, Pantera, translates the fundamentals of fighting forest fires into scalable modules for prevention, early detection, and rapid response.