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V. Scale Corporate Demand

To help Amazon produce compete economically with food and biomaterials from other regions, differentiation is key.  Significant work has been done to create new, regenerative and reliable supply chains but they need to scale.

The Amazon Investor Coalition stimulates the bioeconomy in Amazonia by spurring corporate interest in regenerative agroforestry products (fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, teas, plant medicines, textiles, sustainable timber and more) and sustainably produced commodities (soy and cattle). A sufficient demand signal for forest-friendly goods is needed to slash incentives for farmers to replace forests with soy and cattle – the main drivers of Amazon deforestation. Regenerative agroforestry is a key piece of the puzzle for enticing farmers to transition to more sustainable and financially attractive production systems. Agroforestry orchards can replace unsustainable monocultures with polycultures while improving income and restoring canopies, soils, and evapotranspiration rates.

On the supply side, we promote Amazon bioeconomy aggregators that bundle procurement opportunities and open access to corporate buyers around the world while increasing market demand for sustainable Amazon produce.

To accomplish our objectives we are forging connections, developing long-term purchase contracts and promoting public commitments between buyers, sellers, and aggregators in forest friendly value chains.

To get involved, all corporate buyers should submit their profiles via our matchmaking system.

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