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III. Mobilize Catalytic Philanthropy

Nearly $100 million dollars a year of private conservation philanthropy has gone to protect the Amazon since 2015.  Despite this number, deforestation rates have risen consistently over the past 10 years.  More funding and more strategic investing is needed to stem the tide. Many donors want to help the region but don’t know where to start or who to support.

The Amazon Investor Coalition is working with leading Amazon foundations to help mobilize patient, risk-tolerant capital and blended finance to unlock markets that enrich soils, improve livelihoods, protect forests and deliver on climate action.

We believe that investing in a regenerative Amazon bioeconomy is the highest-leverage climate stabilization opportunity in the world at this time. Correspondingly, protecting the Amazon and its local guardians should be at the heart of the global economic agenda. To achieve this vision, new philanthropic approaches to Amazon conservation are needed that build thriving bioeconomies based on the exchange of indigenous wisdom, modern science and innovation. Our program will help bring this vision into reality.

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