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II. Build Evidence, Increase Awareness
and Integrate Capital

Current Activities

By collaborating with diverse networks, we facilitate partnerships for action, through multiple programs, including:

• Educational workshops for networks of investors, donors and corporate buyers
• Systemic analysis of bioeconomy development trends and opportunities. Reference articles include “Investing in the Amazon Rainforest Conservation: A Foreigner’s Perspective andAmazon Reforestation with a Profitable Twist.”
• Annual summits on investing in the Amazon (2021 Summit / 2022 Summit)
• Periodic investor community conversations and podcasts
• Bioeconomy awareness raising campaigns focused on capital providers
• Bespoke programs focused on peer-to-peer learning, co-investment, and blended finance innovation
Study of carbon and ecosystem-service market innovation
Investigation of legal and political risks in governance and the rule of law

New Mapping and Research

Together, with our partner CERTI, we are conducting research on Amazonian market and investment potential, including:

• Incubators – Capital flows, obstacles, needs, etc.
• Startups – Market readiness, impact potential, scalability, etc.
• Producers and aggregators – Regional reach, value chains, etc.
• Agroforestry and wild harvesting – Industry trends, stability of supply, volumes, production capacities, rates of regeneration, GRAS compliance, quality standards, social/sustainability certifications, etc.
• Commercial buyers – Procurement activities, R&D investments, sourcing strategies, quality control requirements, bottlenecks, etc.
• Gender equity and social inclusion – Dynamics and demographics of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
• Catalytic philanthropy and blended financing models 
• Capital sources – Investors, investment funds, family offices, etc.

Investor Survey

The Amazon Investor Coalition is launching a Deal Flow Network to help our global community of impact investors discover forest-friendly investment opportunities in the Amazon region. If you are an investor, we invite you to take our survey to help us better understand how we can serve you.

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