As the most biodiverse ecosystem, how can we properly value the Amazon forest?  Even though one hectare has more species of flowering plants than all of Europe, rampant deforestation has brought the region to an ecological tipping point.  The forest is under researched and not adequately valued for its bio-economic potential.  As part of the Amazon Third Way Initiative, Maria Koch-Weser and Carlos Nobre invite the scientific community to invest in and study the region. They call for an “Amazon Institute of Technology to enable an Amazon Green Deal” to engage in: 1) Systemic discovery of flora, fauna and ecosystem functions,  2) Applied research and bio-economic product development, and 3) Remediation and reforestation of lands degraded by clearcutting and mining.  There is hope, today, with small, active efforts like the Rainforest Business School and bio-economy platforms like Green Rio, but much more is needed and yet to come. For more information, visit: Amazon Third Way Initiative / Amazon 4.0