Summit FAQ

What is the purpose of the summit?

We will foster learning and partnership to advance forest-friendly economic development and the rule of law across the Amazon region of South America.

Who is eligible to participate?

The Amazonia Rising Summit was limited to government officials, grantmakers, investors, philanthropists, journalists, NGOs and select allies.

If I join, do I have to participate in all sessions?

No. We hosted dozens of virtual sessions across five days. We did not expect participants to join all sessions. Many sessions were restricted to small groups of select attendees.

Is there a cost?

The cost of registration operated on a sliding scale according to the budgets and capabilities of participants.

How do I nominate a speaker or suggest a session?

Send an email to

Are there opportunities for sponsorship?

If you are interested in sponsoring, send an email to

I’m a journalist. How can I participate?

There will be selected opportunities for the press to join online briefings and to interview delegates in preparation for the Summit. If you are from the press, write to

What language will the Summit be in? Is there translation?

Most sessions were in English, though select regionally focused sessions took place with Spanish and/or Portuguese.

How many people participated?

The summit was limited to a few hundred participants. Many sessions were limited to 15 or fewer participants to ensure opportunities for deep conversation and relationship development.

Does the Summit promote a specific political agenda?

The Amazon Investor Coalition is a non-partisan, non-political, non-profit organization.

I applied to participate. When will I hear back?

All summit applicants heard back within 2 weeks of submitting their applications.

I will moderate a Small Group Session. What should I do?

All moderators of small group sessions were asked to review our guidelines here.