Public Awareness and Investor Education

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1 – Raising Public Awareness Process
2 – Philanthropic Strategy Support and Development
3 – Investor Network Development and Education Process
4 – Amazon Financial Product Design and Scaling Process
5 – UN Campaign Promotion and Investor Enrollment

Solutions and money need knowledge and networks.

1 – Raising Public Awareness Process

Public opinions and perceptions shape political climates and market dynamics. To help raise awareness of Amazon needs and resources and build support for existing work and new opportunities in the region, we seek partners to:

* Study the media footprint and citizen awareness of the Amazon rainforest and its challenges in order to improve offerings and understand how to recruit people to the conservation cause.

* Promote positive media and publish success stories coming out of the Amazon to raise hope for the region and guide the media narrative away from despair and polarization and towards inspiration.

 * Develop online courses to empower individuals with knowledge of how they can help given the networks and resources at their disposal.

2 – Philanthropic Strategy Support and Development

According to a 2017 study, nearly $150 million dollars a year of private conservation philanthropy has gone to protect the Amazon since 2015.  Despite this number, deforestation rates have risen consistently over the past 5 years.  More funding and more strategic investing is needed to stem the tide. Many donors want to help the region but don’t know where to start or who to support. Others fear criticism, avoid risks, or are flummoxed by the complexity.  Given the central role of the Amazon in the global water cycle and evidence that we are near a deforestation tipping point, investing in Amazon conservation may be the highest leverage climate mitigation investment opportunity of the decade.  For these reasons, the investment and philanthropic advisory communities have come forward featuring Amazon work in numerous conferences and publications in recent years. In response to the opportunity, we seek partners to:

* Learn from previous experiences investing in the region to identify successes and failures, opportunities and risks. We want to understand the role of philanthropy in supporting local communities, non-profits, and other institutions.

* Develop new philanthropic approaches to Amazon conservation across diverse regions and strategies including economic development, rule-of-law, social welfare, indigenous land and resource protection and more.

* Conduct a study about the spectrum of financial interventions in economic development and their effectiveness ranging from pure philanthropy to private sector investments.  We will explore the role of philanthropy in derisking investments, setting sustainable supply chains in motion, developing entrepreneurship pipelines and more.

* Facilitate the inclusion of indigenous voices in philanthropic deliberation processes to avoid repeating traditional patterns of imperialism and community disruption.

* Build an Amazon Common Grant Application for non-profits and social enterprises from across the region to submit proposals for support which are then filtered for quality control and made available to multiple Amazon-focused philanthropies.

* Help encourage formal funder collaboration to align goals, pool funds, and facilitate institutional learning.

3 – Investor Network Development and Education Process

For any given system, it is often said that money and solutions exist, but they haven’t met.  The same may be true for the Amazon.  While investors need knowledge and due diligence, and startups need credibility, the wider ecosystem needs connectivity.   As a network of investors, we seek partners to:

* Provide Amazon-region deal flow and access to investment-ready projects as well as relevant due diligence information.

* Offer learning opportunities to connect with other investors, compare experiences and develop partnerships.

* Share market intelligence about investment and tax policies, zoning rules, expected future legislation and more.

* Give instruction about environmental accounting and related methodologies to help ESG review processes and increase eligibility of potential Amazon investees.

* Counsel investors about risks of implication in forest crimes.

* Help investors manage exposure to forest supply chain risks and climate related issues.

4 – Amazon Financial Product Design and Scaling Process

The Amazon rainforest should be worth more standing than cut, but the financial products that reflect such wisdom have not yet materialized at scale.  A range of new investment funds have come to market focused on diverse Amazon-region industries ranging from supply chain innovation to eco-agroforestry.  The prospect of stranded assets together with the advances of blockchain, carbon markets and fintech innovation, have made it possible to design new kinds of financial products that never existed before.  We seek partners to:

* Create Amazon Rainforest Bonds through the proper alignment of production, protection and financing from diverse sources including government guarantees, foreign aid, carbon credit sales, ecosystem service payments and more.

* Develop financial products securitized by long term purchase contracts of Amazon produce from sustainable supply chains.

* Scale strategies that derisk government loan programs like Pronaf in Brazil to help Amazon region producers access new credit lines and expand forest-friendly enterprise.

5 – UN Campaign Promotion and Investor Enrollment

As the preeminent platform for managing global affairs, the United Nations and its campaigns create calls to action that mobilize international solidarity and cooperation.  As a region that is globally significant for its biodiversity, the Amazon rainforest deserves global support from investors. As a network, we seek partners to:

* Help mobilize investors to celebrate and advance the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration as a major nature-based solution towards meeting a wide range of global development goals and national priorities.

* Embrace and support investor leadership within the UN Race to Zero campaign to advance the development of low-carbon economies globally.

* Support a UN declaration of the Year of the Amazon.