Through research, an online summit, periodic issue-focused gatherings, partnerships with diverse investor networks, and a weekly call-and-podcast series, we aim to facilitate partnerships for action on the following four-part strategy:

Strategy 1: Impact Investing and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Impact Investing Survey and Report
Market Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Acceleration Process
Bioeconomy Aggregator Promotion
Amazon Regenerative Procurement Alliance

Strategy 2: Governance and Rule of Law
Rule-of-Law Philanthropy Landscape Analysis and Report
Legal Defense and Planning Network
Amazon Commerce Solidarity Network
Investigative Journalism and Media Training
Landgrabbing Prevention Process

Strategy 3: Carbon Market and Ecosystem Service Payment Innovation
Proposals to Support Premium Forest Credit Valuation Processes
Land Use and Rights
Ecosystem Service Measurement, Forest Carbon Stocks and Government Certification
Statistical Model of Avoided Deforestation Cost
Acoustic Technology, Chainsaw Alerts, Drones and Legal Processes
Technology Innovations and Contracts with Voluntary Carbon Market Buyers
Good Delivery Standard for Credit Specification
Weighted Scoring

Strategy 4: Public Awareness, Investor Education and Engagement
Raising Public Awareness Process
Philanthropic Strategy Support and Development
Investor Network Development and Education Process
Amazon Financial Product Design and Scaling Process
UN Campaign Promotion and Investor Enrollment