Help for Corporate Buyers

Regenerative supply chains can be complicated, depending on the ingredients and the regions. Scaling Amazonian supply chains, in particular, requires a diverse set of partners. To support conservation and commercial viability, the AIC helps corporate buyers to:

1. Understand the supply chains of raw materials from the Amazon.
2. Find high integrity sourcing and production partners with relevant technologies and capabilities, across certification, packaging, traceability, labeling, food safety, volume, redundancy, price etc.
3. Meet sustainability, governance and reporting requirements that are verified to achieve public commitments, regulatory compliance and social responsibility goals.
4. Normalize and reconcile reporting processes in collaboration with regional partners.
5. Engage and partner with local communities as well as donors, investors, NGOs, government officials, and other stakeholders.

The AIC manages a diverse network of bioeconomy experts and allies. Do you want to learn more and partner with top sustainable development leaders in the Amazon region? Write to