Luis Fernando Laranja is an entrepreneur and investor who founded Ouro Verde Amazonia and Kaete Investments. As a forest friendly venture processing açaí and Brazil nuts, his startup involved indigenous tribes, conducted research to produce unique oils and butters, and financed conservation. Success stemmed from the quality control of products, community involvement, payment of fair trade wages, and sophistication of logistics. As Brazil’s first B Corp, Laranja sold the business with a successful exit and created Kaete Investments, the first Brazilian private equity impact investing firm focused on the Amazon. The firm raised $40 million to build anchor companies that foster sustainable supply chains, increase revenue for small holder farmers and prevent deforestation. Over 7 years they analyzed 200 deals and invested in 3 companies, including a fish processing facility partnered with cooperatives, a babassu coconut processing and product innovation company, and more. As a regulated fund with bureaucratic requirements, investment options were limited. While the business environment has improved, today REFORESTATION investment opportunities are the greatest need because the region is near an ecological tipping point. To learn more visit: Kaete Investimentos