Impact Investing and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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The Amazon rainforest is home so some of the richest biodiversity in the world but has not yet been adequately valued for it, until now…

1 – Impact Investing Survey and Report
2 – Market Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Acceleration Process
3 – Bioeconomy Aggregator Promotion
4 – Amazon Regenerative Procurement Alliance

1 – Impact Investing Survey and Report

To advance forest friendly economic development, we started this survey to understand how much money is going into the Amazon region and to what industries.  What size is the market opportunity?  What will it be in 5 years?  Who has problems accessing capital and why?  Who has problems finding investment-ready projects and why?  By finding answers to these questions and promoting other relevant studies, such as the SITAWI Guide to Impact Investing in the Amazon, we hope to bring more partners and capital to the region, empowering many new actors with diverse financial tools to join the Amazon conservation finance challenge.  As a network of concerned investors, we seek partners to:

* Promote the survey to relevant investors who are either actively investing in the Amazon or seeking to invest

* Examine the data gathered, identify trends, and make recommendations for future action

* Conduct roadshows introducing relevant investment opportunities to allies

* Present survey results to the capital markets through partnerships with banks, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other institutional investors as well as individuals

2 – Market Intelligence and Entrepreneurship Acceleration Process

Successful entrepreneurs in the Amazon region encounter many bottlenecks ranging from internet connectivity and market access to transportation costs and inconsistent demand.  Investments in talent development and market infrastructure are sometimes needed to help businesses become economically viable.  As a network of allies hoping to scale support for the region, we seek partners to:

* Bring principles of sustainable entrepreneurship into Amazon region schools and universities

* Help secure financing to advance the potential of biomimetic and pharmaceutical entrepreneurship as well as science-based bioeconomy governance

* Provide select sustainability-focused entrepreneurs with accelerator support, including mentorship as well as accounting, legal, brand advice and access to investors

* Improve market infrastructure by developing distribution hubs and new insurance programs to spread and share risk

* Promote macro-brand development and consumption of sustainable Amazon products to increase local demand and achieve fair market prices

* Develop ease-of-doing-business efficiencies to facilitate incorporation and operation of businesses in jurisdictions where it is difficult to do so

* Advance participation in new technology leapfrogging and design efforts aimed at improving knowledge about biodiversity and commercial values of standing and replanted forests

3 – Bioeconomy Aggregator Promotion

To help Amazon produce compete economically with food and biomaterials from other regions, differentiation is key.  Significant work has gone to create new, regenerative and reliable supply chains but they need to scale.  As a network of bioeconomy enthusiasts, we seek partners to:

* Promote the use of Amazon bioeconomy aggregators that bundle procurement opportunities for sales and commerce in collaboration with sub-national governments, fair trade initiatives, indigenous communities and more.

* Open access to corporate procurement offices around the world to help increase market demand for sustainable Amazon produce

* Support economic incentives for purchases from Amazon supply chains through carbon accounting and other market considerations

4 – Amazon Regenerative Procurement Alliance

The biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest produces unprecedented resources of social and commercial value to humanity.  As a coalition of Amazon-based and international allies, we seek partners to create the Amazon Regenerative Procurement Alliance.  To help foster forest-friendly economic development, we seek partners to:

* Aggregate interest from corporate procurement departments of companies to increase demand for responsible and sustainable Amazon rainforest produce

* Recruit companies to adopt sustainable business principles for operation in the Amazon region

* Advise companies on sensitive and sustainable supply chain development from the Amazon region to ensure integrity of social-and-environmental-stakeholder interests and consistency of production

* Develop and promote policies that facilitate adoption and implementation of supply chain monitoring and certification programs