If we were unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, how ready will we be for climate change? We need new opportunities. Sustainable finance offers some solutions. Justine Leigh-Bell, of the Climate Bonds Initiative, describes how Green Bonds finance environmental solutions including: renewable energy, water management, land use change, and more. The Green Bond market expanded from $3 billion 10 years ago to $800 billion today, representing a big opportunity to finance sustainable solutions. She further explains how Brazil is poised to lead the world in sustainable agriculture, especially in agroforestry. A recent report (https://bit.ly/2V8icLj) identifies over $160 billion of investment opportunities to help Brazil make the transition to sustainability. To help, foreign investors invite Brazil to make relevant regulatory changes, in part by packaging sustainable agriculture activities in Green Bonds, with a special focus on the Amazon forest. Strategic investments can help farmers produce more with less, thereby reducing the push for deforestation. To learn more, visit the Climate Bonds Initiative.