Can we conserve the Amazon by working with deforesters, instead of against them? Can we change economic incentives? As a critical climate mitigation asset near a tipping point, a given hectare of Amazon farm land can be worth $400 forested or $1400 cleared. How can we come up with the difference? Founder of the Earth Innovation Institute, Daniel Nepstad shares five strategies, including: 1) Technology: Help governments make “Forest Code” legal compliance feasible and rewarding, 2) Offset payments: Pay farmers and communities to protect their forests with money from state-wide carbon credit programs, to be accredited under the California Tropical Forest Standard, 3) Fire prevention: Support voluntary fire brigades and transition to tree-based production, 4) Bioeconomy: Increase sustainable production, especially fish farming, 5) Communication and Dialogue: Depolarize debate on the Amazon. For more visit: Earth Innovation Institute, California Tropical Forest Standard