Family Offices and the Amazon

15 Things Family Offices Can Do for the Amazon

1. Learn – Review the articles Investing in Amazon Rainforest Conservation, Amazon Reforestation with a Profitable Twist, and The Amazon in Numbers.

2. InvestmentTake this survey to inform us about your investment appetite and gain access to forest-friendly Amazon investment opportunities.

3. Philanthropy – The Amazon needs all of us. Integrate the Amazon within your philanthropy. The better you know your own philanthropy, the more impact you will have. Schedule a call with us and we’ll help you identify the best donations that you can make according to your interests across biodiversity, conservation, education, health, human rights, sustainability, entrepreneurship, etc.

4. Operating Business – What is your industry? Engage in forest-friendly commerce with the Amazon. There are opportunities across food/beverage, wood/timber, carbon, fiber, textiles, fashion, pigments, fragrances/flavors, cosmetics, pharma, ecotourism, biomimetics, plant medicines, etc. Schedule a call with us and we’ll match you with opportunities.

5. Legal Compliance – Use your influence to help stabilize land rights for forest dwellers. Help producer cooperatives to acquire some type of sustainability/quality-control certification. Provide pro-bono legal support to fledgling NGOs and startups.

6. Carbon Markets – Push carbon markets to include, prioritize, and value biodiversity and ecosystem services such as water cycles. Internationalize the markets. Advocate for and purchase carbon assets from the Amazon region. We can introduce you to suppliers.

7. Purchase Agreements – Develop long term commercial agreements with select forest friendly producers/buyers. Use them to securitize new financial products to permit long term planning and landscape-level land use transition to agroforestry and wild forests.

8. Remote Workforce Development – Hire, train and employ remote workers who live in the Amazon. Internet access options now exist across the whole region. Job creation in sensitive areas helps to outcompete the deforestation economy.

10. Product Tracing – Help to develop supply chain tracing systems. Unilever/Nestle etc. and other big companies won’t start buying and selling Brazil nuts from Amazon forests until they can effectively trace and ensure volumes. Forest products are ready for commercialization and scaling. Data infrastructure is the stumbling block.

11. Entrepreneurship Incubators – There are dozens. They need support. Help them gain access to investment and market mentors. Convince incubators from outside the Amazon to support entrepreneurs in the region.

12. Investment Readiness – Not many Amazonian entrepreneurs have been to business school. Help them to get ready.

13. Permanent Protection Areas – Whether you are a donor, an investor, or a social media influencer, you can help to increase the Amazonian acreage that is protected by locals and policies. Such areas are much less susceptible to deforestation. Schedule a call with us and we’ll walk you through the process.

14. Media – Raise awareness about the Amazon, the problems, and the solutions. Schedule a call with us. We can share case studies, films, books, media interviews etc.

15. Industry Infusion – Persuade the professional associations you take part in to dedicate support to the Amazon. We can recommend speakers for events, suppliers for carbon offsets, companies to invest in, and producers to buy from.

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