To align the needs of indigenous communities, governments, and conservation in the Amazon, do we need alternative economic systems? In this program, you will meet Atossa Soltani, Director of Strategy for the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative. She is joined by her colleagues Belem Paez and Juan Manuel Crespo of the Pachamama Alliance. Twenty years ago, Atossa founded Amazon Watch, an organization as prolific as any working to protect the rainforest and indigenous rights. But today, Atossa is focused on the Sacred Headwaters Initiative and is building a shared vision among indigenous peoples, NGOs, and governments towards establishing a bi-national protected region in the Amazon, one that offers a new and alternative economic and governance model to the region.

Following Atossa and colleagues, you will meet Jonah Sachs — an author, speaker, and viral marketing pioneer whose new approaches to digital media have been critical in bringing ideals of social change to the forefront of business and popular culture. He is the Executive Director of the One Project of Justin Rosenstein, the co-founder of Asana and creator of the Facebook Like Button. The One Project is a non-profit initiative working globally with communities to design, implement, and scale new forms of governance and economics that are equitable, ecological, and effective.

Join us to learn how these efforts can find synergy and benefit the Amazon.

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