Advancing forest friendly economic development

The Amazon Investor Coalition is a collaboration between investors, philanthropies, governments, non-profits and allies to increase forest-friendly economic development in partnership with local stakeholders from across the Amazon region. Launched on September 16, 2020, at the United Nations 75 Global Governance Forum, the coalition provides a global platform for diverse groups to connect, learn and work together to ensure that the forest is worth more alive and standing than cut and burned.

As a central resource for climate change mitigation and the global water cycle, the Amazon rainforest is vital for planetary sustainability. The financial products that reflect such wisdom and drive politics, however, have not existed until now.

To scale new economic patterns and conservation, the Coalition aims to drive action in the following areas:

Four Part Program

  1. Impact Investing and Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  2. Governance and Rule of Law
  3. Carbon Market and Ecosystem Service Payment Innovation
  4. Public Awareness, Investor Education and Engagement

The Coalition operates as a project of the Global Governance Philanthropy Network, serves as a Partnership Platform of the United Nations 75 Global Governance Forum and comes from research collaboration with diverse partners.